Tripoli, Lebanon

Tej Parikh

Global Public Policy Journalism

International Development | Democracy | Foreign Affairs | Asia | Europe

Articles aim to bring new perspectives to global public policy issues and debates, drawing upon five key analytical pillars:

(i) The Local context (Geographical, Social, Cultural, and Historical)

(ii) The Human Dimension (Macro (national), Meso (group) and Micro (individual) behaviors)

(iii) Multidisciplinary Tools (Economics, Politics, Psychology, Evolutionary Biology)

(iv) Voices (Narratives, Identities and Norms)

(v) The Global Context (Significance, Relevance, and Implications)


International Development & Foreign Affairs.



La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia

Tej Parikh

Southeast Asia.


South Asia.

Posts Are Coming Soon
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Posts Are Coming Soon
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Posts Are Coming Soon
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