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Tej Parikh is a global policy analyst and journalist. He has a master’s degree from Yale University, with a research specialism in political economy, governance, and development, and has experience across the NGO, private, and public sector. He has traveled to over 45 countries.

Analysis and commentary featured in: Foreign Affairs, The Guardian, Reuters, Foreign Policy, CNN, The Diplomat, The Huffington Post, The Cambodia Daily, The Asia Times, New Internationalist, Radio24syv Denmark, eNCA South Africa TV, Prospect Magazine, World Politics Review, The National Interest, Global Politics magazine, The Jerusalem Post, Irish Examiner, Yale Politic, and Beyond Violence.

Travel journalism featured in: GapYear, We Said Go Travel and One World 365

Any views expressed on The Global Prism are solely the author's, and are wholly unrelated to the organizations to which they may be directly or indirectly affiliated with.

Batad Rice Terraces, Luzon, The Philippines

Tej Parikh


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